This is one of the biggest fights in recent memory, as it’s the fight where Lennox Lewis “broke” Mike Tyson. From the fight at the press conference in the build-up to the madness that ensued in the ring during the actual fight, this was one of the most engaging and memorable fights in recent years. The press conference itself went down in history, as the two created a massive ruckus that even seen Jose Sulaiman, at the time the WBC President, completely knocked out!

Famed for his sheer power, many expected Tyson to steamroller the good but fairly ordinary Lewis in the ring – but this was not to be the case at all. Instead we saw the end of one of the most enigmatic boxers of all time.

However, the fight itself is a little more depressing for Tyson fans. After a fairly even start to the fight, Tyson found himself slowly losing momentum as Lewis started to use his pace and strength to get Tyson on the back foot. With a minute left of the first, Tyson delivered a powerful blow that knocked Lewis back, giving Tyson time to recover. The second round say Lewis start to control the fight, landing effective digs on Tyson without much reply.

Tyson took a cut in the third round, and by the fourth round Tyson was rushing his chances and Lewis was using his fitness well to totally dictate the fight. By the fifth, Tyson was gassed and really struggling to actually land the type of power punches required to totally finish the fight off. This continued in the same vain, with Tyson really struggling to stay in the fight at all, right up until the eighth round.

With 47 left on the clock, Tyson took a monster right cross from Lewis, which sprayed him to the canvas. As he lay there on his back, he was counted out and the former best fighter in the world was, in that moment, forever beaten. It was named as the Ring Magazine KO of the Year in 2002, and has stood as a landmark moment for many long-time boxing fans.

Tyson was the epitome of the rage and passion that carries boxing as a sport, and his KO was just a sign of what can happen to a sports personality if they don’t control themselves and ensure that they have their future under control. It’s a fight that brings back a lot of memories, and was the beginning of Tyson’ exit from the boxing arena and into a new lifestyle.

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