Following on from our reports fictional characters in the world of boxing when we talked of Rocky Balboa, we now feel the need to mention one of our all time childhood favourites, who probably wouldn’t be best known for his boxing skills but due to the positive and memories and inspiration that was given to us by Batman whilst growing up we thought that we’d report on him here and perhaps show a clip or 2 of his awesome moves. We are of course referring to the Batman from the 1960’s played by Adam West with Robin played by Burt Ward. You can see some of him cracking moves below as he sparks out plenty of villains. 3 hits was standard, Batman hitting the bad guy, bad guy hitting floor and the ambulance hitting 90mph (an old saying but a good one!)

He could also take a punch too and often did, showing his steel jaw that simply wouldn’t relent, a bit like Eubanks. Of course this should all be taken with a pinch of salt as of course Batman doesn’t deserve his place along the superstars of the boxing world we’ve mentioned here but he does take us back to some fond memories that first introduced us to the fight game here at and the amount of Batman games and spin offs that this series ultimately led to is quite astonishing with everything from cinematic casino slots games making people rich to a simply staggering range of merchandise and numerous Hollywood films. Go ahead and take a look back at a few of the episodes, if you’re as old as me then I’m sure you’ll well appreciate them. Kapow!!!

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