The Hitman is a local Manchester legend, despite a fall from grace at the end of his career. His hard work and determination, not to mention an incredible amount of strength and stamina in the ring, made him a local favorite with many boxing audiences for quite some time. A former WBA, IBF, IBO and WBA champion at Welterweight, Ricky Hatton was an impressive boxer who amassed a lot of quality performances over the years. Notorious for his comical personality and rather normal lifestyle, Hatton still today has a large following as one of the more popular ex-boxers still around.

He was originally part of his family’s carpet business, but he regularly cut himself with a Stanley blade and he instead became a carpet salesman, to avoid any more damage to his hands. He fell in love with boxing when he went to Old Trafford to watch the rematch between Benn & Eubank. He’s also a massive Manchester City FC fan and his entrance music is their club anthem “Blue Moon”. A short amateur career soon turned into a full professional career. Despite doing well at amateur level, he found that many of the judges were bent so turned professional aged just 18.

He worked at Billy Grahams gym in Moss Side and his first fight was a win against Colin McAuley in Widnes. His second fight, however, was at Madison Square Garden and he was involved in the undercard for major British boxing fights. He won his first title, the WBA inter-continental title after defeating Giuseppe Lauri, and then Jon Thaxton for the British title. His next conquest was Tony Pep, having claimed the WBU light-welterweight title in 2001.

He continued to cause damage across the boxing scene, wining the IBF Light Welterweight belt after destroying Kostya Tsyzu, who was the heavy favorite going in. even today it’s still regarded as one of the biggest upsets by a British boxer in recent years. It was this steely determination that endeared Hatton to the public.

He defeated Carlos Maussa in 2005 to win the WBA Light Welterweight Title, and then he took on Luis Collazo. Hatton knocked him down early, and this early knockdown was enough to secure the fight on points according to many.

His big fights started to come after his victory against Juan Urango and Castillo again. He agreed to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, considered to be the biggest boxing matchup in many years. Although Hatton fought well and nearly had Mayweather beaten at stages, Hatton eventually lost out. Mayweather commended him as being one of the hardest fighters he’s ever come up against.

He finished up, disregarding his 2012 comeback, with a fight against the immense Manny Pacqiao. It was over by the second round as the Puerto Rican finished the fight quickly, knocking Hatton down twice in the first round alone. Despite a tough end to his career, Hatton can look at himself in the mirror and know that he done himself proud. He fought some of the best and beat many of them, missing out to two of the best boxers of all time.

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