Ok, so we all know Rocky is a fictional character and a product of Sly Stallone’s imagination inspired by Chuck Wepner, however, there’s no denying that when many people think of boxing, Rocky immediately springs to mind. A superb underdog story which even today captures the imagination each installment of the franchise (except 5 obviously) manages to stir up something within us all. Simply to hear the music from one of the training montages or fight sequences is enough to kick start my engine today and get me along to the gym!

So, here we pay tribute to a real boxing great who rose from nothing to the very top, just as Stallone did in real life. Writing the script himself and showing unbreakable will to bring his script to life with himself taking the lead role. Even though he could have taken a much higher price for his work had he not refused to sell the right unless he took the leading role he pushed on until he found a studio willing to back him, and how that paid off. At one point he even sold his beloved dog to raise some desperately needed cash and then bought him back for half the earnings he finally got paid for his script.

If you have ever seen any of the films we’re sure you’ve been suitably impressed and would more than agree with us that Rocky deserves his place here. Check out all of his training scenes for some inspiration below!

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